• The Real Estate Career of Exzadrian Williams

  • Posted on November 20, 2016
  • Exzadrian Van Williams, Ph.D is currently the manager of Proactive Assets & Realty, LLC, but there is a lot more to him. He has more than two decades' experience in real estate, in several important areas, including real estate investment, asset management and real property rehabilitation. Exzadrian Williams is a specialist when it comes to determining which multiple residential properties are in need of work, in order to turn them into adequate and good quality housing and he has accomplished that for a great many properties, ranging in size from 8 units to 300 units.

    Currently, Exzadrian Williams manages more than $10 million worth of real estate assets and he owns many of them. He concentrates on older properties in "up and coming" neighborhoods that need to be rehabilitated, whether the changes needed are moderate or extensive. Exzadrian Williams has brought many properties back to life and put them back on the market to get top dollar. Exzadrian tends to prefer what are often referred to as "blue properties," which are those geared to blue collar workers and those looking for rentals in the middle rental range. He likes to help the communities, so he makes use of local skilled labor and project managers with a track record of getting properties completed and back on the market within a short time.

    Exzadrian Williams holds several professional memberships and certifications in a number of real estate organizations and associations. Besides memberships in EBRHA and Five Points Business Association of Greater Metropolitan Las Vegas, the National Apartment Association, and the Las Vegas Real Estate Investing Association, he’s also certified as a private equity professional, a business mediator, a property manager and a financial planner.

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